Stargate: Atlantis

mark of bravery...    lemons?!?    adorkable rodney    listen up!    Redemption McKay

Sticky Hiveship Rodney    Too hurt...    Ouchies (GUP)    Rodney! *hearts*    Eureka!

Tao! "And you love me"     "She loves me!" Tao madness    "She Loves Me!" This time in blue    Huh? Confuzzled Rodney

Illusion    Not What it Seems...    sheppard    Okie-dokie    Sandwich?

A Scot's Honour     Fix Me    Beckett (leaf)      Czech The Gate w/event horizon    Czech the Gate

Zelenka says "Ooo!"   Teyla's Spidey Sense     Flash-bangs!    Rainbow Sun/Ford    Elizabeth - Real World

   Atlantis, City of the Ancients    Twisted Firestarter    Chuck/Liz ship!



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